Yum Lettering YUM

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

Yummy food and drink photos are easier to digest than create. Saturn Lounge food photographers understand the impact of light, composition and texture on your food images. Whether you need a single ad image or family of photos for a complete line of recipes or flavors, Saturn Lounge is your go-to for appetizing food and drink photography.

Your Saturn Lounge producer will find the perfect food stylist for your assignment and pull together all materials and props needed for your photo shoot. And with Saturn Lounge’s team of experienced food image retouchers and color experts your photos will be ready to serve up before those hunger pangs set in.

YUM Book:

Photography: Scott Ritenour, Robert Ness, Ian Farnham, Zak Gruber & Connor Bruesewitz

Food Styling: Nancy Froncek, Jennifer Janz & Owen Franz

Cover Art: Hand Drawn YUM lettering by Malory Larson