Marketing Agency Stereotypes and How They Just Aren’t True

Take it straight from us, we know there are stereotypes out there, and we’re on a mission to prove them wrong.

Our Creative Team just stares at the wall until inspiration strikes.

Yeah, no. We have lots of clients and lots of ideas. Our creative team is constantly searching for inspiration online and in the world, whether for a current or future project. They consume media of all kinds, including the written word, and take note of the interactions of each and their minds are always in motion. It’s part of the job, and also just how they operate. Our team actively seeks out new, fresh, and engaging ways to treat your work both visually and verbally. So although we have nice walls, they don’t get as much attention as they’d like.

The agency runs on hot coffee and chaos.

Coffee, yes. Chaos? Nah. Just like every high-functioning business, we have process, procedures, and structure in place to make sure that even with tight deadlines, everyone knows their role. Creatives can also be professionals, and professionals can also be creatives. Great design, development, and content takes time – something we as an agency know how to manage. There are times when things come in hot and need to be turned around fast – but that doesn’t mean it’s pure chaos here.

We dress like we’re in New York City to express ourselves.

Come take a look at our office – you’ll see this one just isn’t true. We show our creativity through our work, rather than our clothes. We like it that way. And though we know how to dress, it’s not our top priority. We’re just regular people too.

Our creatives are loners.

If you were in our office, you’d hear the echo of constant conversations from everyone – including the creatives. They aren’t all introverts. Some of them might be – but they also know how to both hold and enjoy a conversation. They’re fun people and we like them.

We only work with “cool” clients.

We’re not pretentious like that. Plus, we also know that business owners are passionate about what they do, regardless of industry, and we match that passion with our own in helping businesses grow and thrive. Our portfolio spans a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, staffing, health and wellness, construction, power sports, tooling – the list goes on. We think they’re all pretty cool, and we love offering guidance and expertise to help every business ignite their marketing and tell the world their story.

We’ll have one meeting and then never talk again, even when we’re hired.

This one is so untrue, it hurts. Fundamentally, communication is at the very core of what we do. We take your message, brand, product, and service and communicate its benefits to the world. Why it’s then assumed we’d be bad at communication, we’re not sure. As far as Saturn Lounge goes, we have a team dedicated to client service, which is a lot of things, but mostly, it’s communication with clients. Everything from new work requests, status meetings, distributing collateral, fielding questions and feedback – our team is amazing at all these things and more. They keep us on track and our path straight. They’re an integral part of the team, so come and meet them!

Our vocabulary only consists of acronyms and marketing jargon.

Even if we wanted to do this, our copywriter wouldn’t let us get away with it. An important pillar in marketing, whether B2B or B2C, is to be relatable. It’s important that a consumer doesn’t feel like they are being inundated with information or fact and figures that make no sense and have no context. That’s how you lose potential business quickly. In keeping with that same principle, we understand more than most that our partnership exists because you need top-notch marketing assistance, and that it can be confusing, overwhelming, or even just too time-consuming. That’s where we come in. And if you want to learn, we’ll teach you. But if you’re looking for a true business partner and teammate, we’re happy to take on the complicated stuff for you. And then have a normal, relatable conversation about it. It’s just what we do.

Do you have other stereotypes you’ve heard or believe are floating out there that we haven’t addressed? Ask us, and we’ll give it to you straight. But for now, we hope these can help you learn more about agency life and see how we strive to break the stereotypes!