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Save the Date! 2019 Greater Milwaukee Heart & Stroke Walk/5K Run


It is our hope you are able to take moment to watch this video message from Saturn Lounge owner Jim Kohlhardt, and Paul M. Neuberger, President of The Starr Group. The video is regarding the Greater Milwaukee Heart & Stroke Walk/5K Run that is happening this fall on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Jim’s life was… Read more »

Planning Your Food Photography Shoot


When it comes to food and beverage photography, manufacturers and their marketing teams have to start from scratch. The final images on packaging, in commercials, and on other advertising may seem to encompass a carefree nature, but in reality, it took a lot of people working in painstaking detail to get that perfect shot. Here… Read more »

Headzone Lighting


Headzone Lighting was an idea born out of the need for a lighted makeup mirror with continuous, full panel illumination that could last for hours and replicate all types of lighting. Terri, a former hairstylist, and Joe, an expert on lighting and flashlight design, realized a perfectly lit makeup mirror was a necessity for all…. Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out Location Photography


  Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world, and this holds true for our Saturn Lounge photographers when they’re shooting for clients. For Saturn Lounge, a successful location photo shoot includes showcasing the clients product(s) in an eye catching environment. A fantastic example of such a photo… Read more »

Five WordPress Integrations You’ll Love


Your website has the potential of being an incredible sales and marketing for your company. If you’ve built your website in WordPress, there are a multitude of plugins that can be used to turbocharge your sales and marketing efforts. As one of the most widely used platforms, there are a TON of plugins- and that… Read more »

Belfast – Robert Ness


Taking advantage of a Sunday off while Robert Ness was in Belfast Ireland shooting for a client; he packed up his camera and photographed some images of his own.  

How Illustrations can enhance your marketing


  It has been said that the majority of people tend to look at pictures first, and text second. Aren’t our social media posts always more impactful when they are posted alongside an uploaded photo? A ‘”Happy Caturday” greeting on your Facebook page just isn’t as alluring on it’s own; as opposed to when it… Read more »



“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard Yummy food and drink photos are easier to digest than create. Saturn Lounge food photographers understand the impact of light, composition and texture on your food images. Whether you need a single ad image or family of photos for a complete line of recipes… Read more »