What We Do

What We Do

From Planning to Execution to Next Iteration

We evolve because the world around us evolves. New channels. New platforms. And new strategies to meet ever-increasing demands for new content. From disc to web, print to digital, TVs to smartphones, the media landscape today is both exhilarating and overwhelming, but Saturn Lounge realized a vision of consolidating creative services and streamlining creative development. In short, we empower brands to execute broader strategies and give their audience more opportunities to engage.

Digital Marketing


The process of creating content that connects with its audience begins with strategic planning and concept development. We take pride in developing creative concepts that others don’t think of. And, we consider every possible means to reach your audience.

Digital marketing presents opportunities not imaginable just a few short years ago. In its simplest definition, it is marketing your brand using electronic media, providing you with numerous channels and methods to analyze the impact of your campaign. How that actually looks – and works – is why our team includes digital specialists and those we affectionately refer to as “data nerds.” Truth is, we’re awed by their work, and you will be too. As complicated as digital can seem, messaging remains the same. Only more so. It truly is about what’s most important to your customer – or they won’t consume it.

Strategic Planning | Concept Development | Content Marketing | E-mail Marketing | Paid Advertising | SEO | Social Media


Design captivates us. It comforts. It defines. It motivates. We find inspiration everywhere, and there isn’t a person, place or thing without a canvas. A bus stop. A reception area. A smartwatch. Even hearing the passion in a client’s voice when they describe their product or service to us for the first time. We love design. We love how it shapes brands and adds meaning in the spaces it occupies – one’s surroundings and, most importantly, one’s mind. Brands touch lives, and that’s our guiding principle.

Branding/Identity | Environmental Design | Packaging | Print | Trade Shows

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Branding and Brand Design

Expert Commercial Photography


Agencies routinely hire the same photographers to get the images they need. We have the advantage of hiring ours only once. They’re full-time. Members of our staff. Paired with writers and designers from the first input session to the final sign-off. If you ever wondered what synergy looked like, this is it. But first take a good look at our images. Lighting. Composition. Attention to detail. It’s all there. We’re not one-trick ponies. We’re one very talented, cohesive team of artists.

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Video Production

Lights. Camera. Call-to-action. Video has become such a hot commodity in online content, it deserves all the extra attention and focus it receives from us. Topic? Name it. Style? Name it. Location? We’ll find it. If we can’t do it, no one can. And certainly not quicker from start to finish. We have videographers, and then we have videographers who direct. With up to 30 years of award-winning video production know-how, some of us even remember when video killed the radio star. And today it takes center stage and helps us build brands like the star that it is. We’re not just creating content, we’re using emotion to captivate customers with it, and broadcast it wherever they consume it.

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Video Production

Web Development

The phrase “user experience” may not be new, but expectations surrounding it today are. Companies expect more functionality. Customers want better experiences. And we make it happen. Only it’s not just a user experience we specialize in, it’s a brand experience as well. As part of our integrated team, our front-end designers and coders understand the nuances of marrying branding to business and sales goals. So we’re doing more than developing a website that’s easy to navigate, we’re creating a brand experience that encourages customers to act. Here, a user experience is more akin to an express checkout lane.

Full Stack Development | Programming | UX Design | SEO Optimization

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Web Design and WordPress Web Development

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Paid Media Management

When you’re ready to accelerate customer acquisition and revenue growth, Saturn Lounge can help you develop a digital advertising strategy that moves the bottom line. In addition to helping you plan channels, audiences, and messaging, we implement, measure, manage, and optimize your campaigns for continuous improvement. Best of all, you will have exceptional levels of transparency, value-based pricing, and insights that you wouldn’t find from a typical PPC agency.

Choose Saturn Lounge to audit and manage your paid search (PPC), social, shopping, YouTube, and programmatic ad buys, and move forward with confidence that you’re taking action and going on offense to grow your business.

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