Afro Killa

Saturn Lounge is happy to promote the artistic abilities of Keith Smith, also known as Afrokilla. He jams out art murals and creates commission art pieces for galleries, festivals, events, and art buyers all around the country.

My primary focus is to develop an organic, groovy flow using acrylic and spray paint onto anything I can get my hands on. I’m drawn more towards sustainability with my pieces by using reclaimed objects for my canvases. As for the murals that I am creating, I try to give the space “what it deserves” in terms of redesigning the visual aesthetics in the environment. My personal influences that impact my style are skateboarding, urban culture and the people I meet during all of these wonderful experiences. – Afro Killa

Saturn Lounge Creative Director Eric Olson and Afro Killa both have a passion for creativity. The two Chicago natives connected and it wasn’t long before Eric Olson had commissioned a 48″ x 48″ spacey mandala painting from the artist.


Florescent Mandala – Spray + acrylic paint sealed with varnish.

Eric seized the opportunity to add to his video portfolio as well. In the below video “Afro Killa Tight”, Eric films the studio session of another painting while it’s in progress. The way they saw it, it was two creative dudes that had fun working together on these projects.

To find upcoming shows where Afrokilla showcases artwork and live painting for audiences, check out the EVENTS page on his website.

Afrokilla Photography by Saturn Lounge

Photo by Eric Olson