All in the Family – 3 Generations Strong

KohlhardtFamily1 lo All in the Family - 3 Generations Strong

One thing is for sure- at Saturn Lounge, sales and business expertise run in the family. From the founders of Digital Color (Saturn Lounge’s parent company), Paul and Barb Baudhuin, to current owners Jim and Amy Kohlhardt, to newest hire Bennett Kohlhardt, each member of the family has brought their own unique skill set to the table.

DC logo All in the Family - 3 Generations Strong

Saturn Lounge’s President, Jim Kohlhardt, has made another power move by adding son, Bennett, to the sales and marketing team. Often described as “two peas in a pod,” Bennett and Jim share striking similarities when it comes to people skills, sales, and even personal style. As a graduate from Whitewater, Bennett worked as a salesperson at a tech company for a year before joining Saturn Lounge as a Sales and Marketing Specialist. However, he is no stranger to the company, as he spent years helping with photo sets, deliveries, and small tasks while growing up. Even then it was obvious that he had a knack for sales, as his dynamic personality helped him build relationships with clients on set and employees within the company. Bennett is the third generation of his family to be a part of Saturn Lounge, and we are very happy to have him onboard.

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Saturn Lounge wasn’t always a full-service creative agency. In the mid 80s, Paul and Barb Baudhuin started a graphics company under the name Digital Color. Knowing the technical revolution was on the horizon, they strived to find the most advanced technology to provide clients with an advantage in the market. With Paul, the President and sales driver, and Barb, office personnel and production control, the company began to grow into what it is today. They continued to look for the “edge” in their field, ultimately opening a photo studio with a handful of talented photographers.

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The studio continued to grow and the office dynamic became increasingly youthful, creative, and progressive. Part of this change was attributed to Jim Kohlhardt, son-in-law of Paul and Barb, who joined the Digital Color team in 1996. As a Whitewater business graduate, he always knew he wanted to work in the sales and marketing industry and would excel in a position that involved working with clients. Jim came onboard as a salesman and when Saturn Lounge opened in 2002, helped it evolve from a small photography studio to a full creative marketing agency. Amy Kohlhardt, daughter of Paul and Barb, joined Digital Color as an accountant in 1996. After graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in accounting and finance, her parents believed she would be an asset to the team. Over time, Paul and Barb gradually decreased their involvement and in 2015 Jim and Amy purchased the companies. With Jim as President and Amy as Treasurer/HR Manager, the businesses continue to grow, and the addition of Bennett will help us to expand even further.

The entire Kohlhardt and Baudhuin family have nothing but praise for Bennett, saying his natural people skills and drive will help him to push the company forward in even more of an innovative fashion. According to Paul, Barb, Amy, and Jim, the ultimate goal would be for Bennett to take over his Dad’s role as President in the future. Bennett shares this goal, hoping to turn Saturn Lounge into a “nationwide marketing powerhouse” that continues to push boundaries and gain new clients. Bennett, welcome to the team, and we can’t wait to see what this new generation of Saturn Lounge will bring!