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Headzone Lighting was an idea born out of the need for a lighted makeup mirror with continuous, full panel illumination that could last for hours and replicate all types of lighting. Terri, a former hairstylist, and Joe, an expert on lighting and flashlight design, realized a perfectly lit makeup mirror was a necessity for all. Together they created the Headzone GO, a compact beauty mirror with soft, diffused light and 11-highly accurate color settings to provide all types of light while on the go.

Saturn Lounge was approached by Headzone to help establish their brand, build their website, and create a social following. Our team produced a variety of assets including photo, video, web design, and digital marketing content. In the end, we combined the various marketing assets to create an eye-catching website that increased brand awareness and drove consumers towards the product.

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In order to showcase the product’s illuminating features in photos, Creative Director Eric Olson focused on shooting content in dark environments. The light from the Headzone GO was actually used to light the model’s faces in the photos. He imagined a high end, beauty look in the photos and content that would be suitable for social media, where the product’s on-the-go nature and versatility were shown. Lifestyle photos with models using the Headzone GO to apply makeup were used to showcase the product’s abilities. Multiple product videos were shot showing the mirror being used in various dim locations such as cars, bathrooms, and offices. According to Eric, lighting the reflective mirror surface while shooting was tough, as he really wanted it to pop against the dark surroundings. In addition to shooting lifestyle photos, 3D animation was used to create lifelike, detailed imagery for branding purposes.

The goal for the website was to pull all assets together and make a captivating page with elements that move. Using WordPress, we built a simple yet luxurious website from the ground up that has full e-commerce functionality. Additionally, we enabled Headzone to use promotions on their site, such as coupons and an email list, and continued to monitor the site’s performance. The end result was a stunning, product-focused website full of high quality photo and video content that interacts with users and generates traffic. We also created a variety of ads for social media: single image and carousel ads for Facebook, Instagram Shopping ads, promoted pins on Pinterest, and pre-roll/in-stream ads on Youtube, which we broadcasted to our target audience. In addition, our team ran remarketing campaigns, ad type testing, and demographic adjustments as the ads continued to air.

Headzone website Headzone LightingHeadzone’s website is live at https://headzonelighting.com.Traffic will be redirected to GO’s Kickstarter page beginning June 14th. If you would like to support Headzone during their launch you can contribute to their kickstarter campaign via their website, and also reserve your very own GO at a discount. Or, send your email address to Joe at info@headzonelighting.com and you will receive updates as the campaign rolls out.

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