Social Media 2018: Things to Know

With Facebook reporting higher earnings than ever, it makes sense that businesses are shifting more focus into social media as a marketing channel. Whether you’re new to the game or have been marketing your business on social media for years, there a few things you can do to step up your social media game in 2018.

Stop Relying on Facebook’s Organic Reach

With every algorithm update, it seems Facebook’s organic reach for business pages is decreasing at an alarming rate. As the social media platform pushes companies towards a pay to play model, it’s important to take the additional spend into account as you’re budgeting resources. The good news is; Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the most precise targeting platforms out there. Instead of shying away from Facebook completely, place a higher priority on strategic content creation and promotion within the platform. Facebook remains a cost-effective tool from a CPC perspective.

Check Out LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has been steadily improving their advertising platform and, especially for B2B businesses, it’s become an incredibly viable channel for marketing dollars and resources. More recently, LinkedIn has been adding a ton of functionality, including incorporating video across the platform. While LinkedIn is more expensive per click compared to Facebook, the targeting capabilities for B2B companies lends itself to increased engagement and potentially higher conversion rates.


Cisco forecasts that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be to video content.  Between live video and pre-recorded content, video is dominating the newsfeed of virtually every social media platform. It’s important, however, to be cautious when looking at vanity metrics. While simple views will “feel” good, make sure you’re still paying attention to your business goals and how video is helping you meet those goals.