Web Design Trends in 2018

With 2017 in our rearview, we look forward to another year of web design. Last year, we saw a steady rise of interactive video content, mobile-first, fluid design, card design layouts, and brand-centric illustrations. 2018 will be big, bold, and user-friendly.

Bold Typography and Minimalistic Design

Typography has been a powerful element in web design for a long time. With a shift towards minimalistic design, the focus on typography will grow even more. Big, bold fonts will drive brand personalities and set the tone for more and more websites. With device screens getting sharper, more saturated, and simply better overall, large fonts and minimalistic yet vibrant design will be more prevalent than ever.

Bright, Vivid Colors and Dynamic Gradients

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring. Websites are using richer color schemes along with stacked layers of color and dynamic gradients to grab their audience’s attention, resulting in websites with more depth and vibrancy.

Breaking Up with Stock Photography for Engaging Photos

The days of overused stock photography are dwindling. Custom photography gives you the ability to maintain brand consistency in all of your most important assets. Engaging photography will continue to drive brand messaging for websites in our increasingly visual internet.

Video Everywhere and Custom Animations

It seems every year, video content becomes an even more prominent medium in the digital world. We’ve elevated beyond the point where videos were a message relegated to your YouTube channel or embedded into a small frame on your homepage. You can expect to see video used in multiple places rather than simply in the homepage hero banner.

Custom animations offer variety and can, in some instances, deliver your message more efficiently and in a more engaging manner. You’ll see a range from subtle animations to full blown storytelling. Brand consistent animations will be a growing presence this year.

Visual Storytelling and User Experience Will Prevail

Year after year, two things remain true. The power of visual storytelling as a tool to drive engagement and designing with your target audience’s experience as a priority are a perfect one-two punch for conversions. While many of the trends we covered will help grab attention in a digital world where attention is a rare commodity, storytelling and user experience are the keys to your business goals.

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