CJ’s Spices shines with packaging re-design

Food Packaging & Label Design

Saturn Lounge is dedicated to creating an outstanding portrayal of your brand. From conception to creation we can handle the entire process of developing your overall branding, label and packaging design. Sometimes, we’re tasked with a packaging re-design, which was the case with CJ’s Premium Spices.

Start with Digital Color. A company with over 30 years of pre-press experience; FDA requirements, best labeling practices, required label sizes, and barcode creation.

Enter our creative team at Saturn Lounge. Eric Olson’s creative direction, and with graphic designer Malory Larson, they gave the existing spice labels a fresh, new look complete with new photography.

Since 2014 when the CJ’s company was founded, the mission of CJ’s Premium Spices has been crystal clear. In a food industry that’s inundated with seasonings and spice blends that contain unhealthy additives and fillers, pulverized appearances, their vision is to craft healthy Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher alternatives that are both versatile and unique, consistently producing inconceivable flavor. Saturn Lounge wanted to mirror that vision in it’s new packaging, right down to the clear packaging which makes it easy to see exactly what a fresh product you are buying.

Malory shares her thoughts for when she visited Vintage Barn Chicks to see her packaging design set up in a retail environment:

“It was sort of surreal to see the final products in that setting, and then to hear people say first hand how much more they liked the packaging versus the previous version. It was especially gratifying to hear from our client that we listened to their needs and that we were ultimately able to deliver the results that they wanted”