How does your design stack up?

Wenda Full Print Ad How does your design stack up?

Being in the advertising business for the last 35 years, we know that there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to branding and creating a  label or package design. It all starts in the creative process, says Eric Olson, creative director for Saturn Lounge. Being a leading expert in graphics over the years, Saturn has the experience and the right people. Whether a company is rebranding itself or launching a new product, first and foremost a design needs to be developed. After a client reaches out to Saturn and expresses the need for a packaging or label design, Olson and his team of creative professionals designers research their client’s company, any existing branding guidelines,  target audience and competitors to get a better understanding of the direction they’ll need to take. “We immerse ourselves in the lives of their consumer so we can figure out what drives them; what do they want in a product?” Olson says. Using their artistic freedom Olson’s team delivers the client with multiple, exclusive hand-drawn designs, looks and color palettes—but only in black and white initially. “Colors could affect which design or look they like best. We want them just looking at the image.” And for Saturn, everything is personalized to the individual client’s wants and needs to put out the best possible design. Saturn understands that when consumers are presented with multiple brands of the same product, they’re buying the image. “This isn’t a mass-marketing thing, it depends on the product,” Olson says. “We want to translate a real, authentic feel of the brand into the image or packaging.” Hand-drawn lettering, graphics and food photography really bring out the personality of the product, but the packaging makes it one cohesive creation. “We do it for anyone when we do branding, we just apply it to different products,” Olson says. “We literally start from scratch.” When applicable, Saturn will recommend new photography for the label or package design and for marketing purposes. Looking for something new? Give Saturn Lounge a call.

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