Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out Location Photography


Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world, and this holds true for our Saturn Lounge photographers when they’re shooting for clients. For Saturn Lounge, a successful location photo shoot includes showcasing the clients product(s) in an eye catching environment. A fantastic example of such a photo project would be a recent photo shoot for our client Lakeland Industries. Lakeland Industries creates protective garments that protect individuals from fire, hazardous chemicals, and diseases. Their protective gear is used throughout the world, specifically for workers in a number of industries in which hazardous materials must be handled, including chemical, fire service, gas and electric utilities, healthcare and many more.

Our client suggested a wonderfully unique location to accomplish the application photography; a National Historic Landmark called Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. Sloss Furnaces was once the largest manufacturer of pig iron in the world. It stands today just as it did in the late 19th century — a monument to the Industrial Revolution. After closing in 1971, it became one of the first industrial sites in the U.S. to be preserved and restored for public use.

Saturn Lounge photographers have the experience and know-how in maneuvering their cameras and gear around an industrial location or manufacturing facility.  Working under the direction of Lakeland Industries Creative Director Scott Conover, Ian Farnham framed up each shot in his camera and ultimately showcased the protective clothing on varying unique backdrops at the historic Sloss industrial site. The results are stunning images that help convince the buyer that no matter what dangerous workplace or scenario they may be in, Lakeland’s gear is extremely protective and comfortable.

To view more photos of this Historic Landmark, and to see behind the scenes production photos of the team working hard, view gallery below.

Creative Director: Scott Conover

Photographer: Ian Farnham

Assistant Photographer: Connor Bruesewitz

Producer: Shelly Nordquist

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