Follow me to see photo series ‘Wheels’

Introducing a photography series entitled “Wheels”.

All photos by Zak Gruber – to see more of Zak’s work click here.

Hand drawn typography by Malory Larson.

S2T5088 lo Follow me to see photo series 'Wheels'

Growing up riding motorcycles and always capturing the thrill of extreme sports through a lens, it’s no surprise that Zak has a passion for any assignment involving wheels. His experience shooting active lifestyle over the last decade has made him proficient at capturing the detail, personality, and moment that make a photograph unforgettable.

From shooting portraits in the studio, to corporate photography on location in Dubai, Zak leans on his youthful energy and technical expertise to deliver a successful shoot.

When Zaks not behind the lens, chances are he’s fostering that small motorcycle obsession of his. And for that, he’d like to thank his Dad.