WEDC Ad Campaign – Wisconsin. It’s more you.

In 2011 Wisconsin Act 7 created the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) as the State’s lead economic development organization. WEDC leads economic development efforts for the state by providing resources, operational support and financial assistance to companies, partners and communities in Wisconsin. Working with more than 600 partners across the state, including regional economic development organizations, academic institutions and industry clusters, WEDC develops and delivers solutions that help businesses, communities and people maximize their potential In Wisconsin®.

Mission: To advance and maximize opportunities in Wisconsin for businesses, communities and people to thrive in a globally competitive environment.

Vision: Leveraging talented professionals and strategic partnerships, WEDC aspires to be a leading and widely respected state economic development organization, helping Wisconsin elevate its quality of life and long-term economic prosperity for all residents.

In April, with the help of ad agency Nelson Schmidt WEDC launched a unique ad campaign with the objective of attracting Chicago Millenials to Wisconsin. Visit here  to read full case study on how Nelson Schmidt developed the large campaign.

Saturn Lounge was happy to be a part of the project; Over the course of several months, Saturn’s in-house producers were busy securing talent and varying locations in which photography and video were filmed all over Wisconsin. See below to see the final campaign and visuals; commercial spots, mobile ads, social media, billboard, posters and more.