Should 3D Be Your New 2D?

Saturn Lounge has had a serious uptick in 3D jobs in the last few months. This is because it can be used for so many applications. Eric Olson, Saturn Creative Director is quick to point out that while Saturn’s 3D workload is definitely growing, it’s imperative that businesses use the technique thoughtfully because that’s when the magic of 3D really makes sense. “3D is cool,” Olson says, “but I always suggest using it with purpose.” He goes on to offer examples of when clients should consider 3D.

  1. 1. Multiple Angles – Is your product one that’s best seen from multiple angles, and is it best to see those angles fast? If so, 3D is a great way to accomplish this.
  2. 2. Inside Out – Do you want to show how something works? Showing the product in 3D by using a cut-away section or exploded views is one of the best ways to demonstrate inner workings.
  3. 3. Shape Shift – Is your product flimsy when not in use? 3D modeling of the product is the perfect way to give a product shape without taking attention away from the product itself.
  4. 4. So Big – Is it nearly impossible to photograph your entire product with emphasis on detail because of the product’s size? Showing multiple angles of a 3D rendering of the object allows viewers to see the entire product in detail.
  5. 5. Get it Together – Do you want to showcase how the components of your product fit together or how your product works with another product? 3D is a great way to communicate assembly.

As we said, Saturn currently has several clients using 3D in interesting applications. Can we execute something in 3D for you? Watch our show reel for inspiration.