Cleaning Up Your 2019 Strategy

Saturn LoungeJanitor Cropped Cleaning Up Your 2019 Strategy

Days are getting shorter but are somehow more jam-packed than all year. We’ll be rolling into the new year soon which means new budgets, new focuses, new tactics, and maybe even an all-new strategy. The end of the year marks the perfect time to reflect upon your marketing’s successes and failures and build those learnings into your next year’s strategy. As you build your 2019 marketing plan, there are a few things you will want to consider.

Start With Success

What are your goals and what are the metrics for success? Always shoot for the stars here, but realize there’s only so much time and be reasonable about your plan. Whether your goal is to generate new leads or grow your relationship with current customers, always leave space for a small reality check as you’re mapping out the path to success. By understanding your limitations, you’ll be able to prioritize these goals and be set up to achieve them.

Clean Up Your Existing Assets and Get Your Messaging in Line

Take a look at the assets your audience have been receiving. Have they been updated? Are they up to date with your current goals or the new goals that you’ve set for the new year? Before you set out to create a load of great new content (which you should be doing), take this time to look at your existing content and make sure it’s up to snuff.

This may involve cleaning up your messaging strategy. If your business and brand have gone through a transformation, it’s good to reevaluate your messaging and ensure that everything is in line with your desired brand vision.

Find New Tools, but Don’t Go Crazy

It’s easy to want to add every cool new program you find into your arsenal, but you need to fight this urge. Arming yourself, or your team, with every new tool you find, may seem like a good idea but, taking a step back and taking a methodical approach will save you from unnecessary onboarding. Look at your goals and priorities and match the tools that will best help you get there.

Keep it Simple, Be Agile

Overcomplicating your marketing strategy is a good way to make sure it never gets followed. Assuming new customer acquisitions, revenue growth, and even market growth is a dangerous path to go down. You know what they say about assuming. Instead, define your goals, identify your audience, determine metrics of success, and define the key tactics you’ll use to achieve that success. As you go through the year, stay agile enough to eliminate some tactics while putting more focus on others as you gauge performance.

If you’re still in the midst of planning 2019 or are looking for a partner to support and consult with, we’d love to work with you! Get in touch to schedule a planning session.