Wenda Ingredients

Wenda Ingredients, an ingredient manufacturer specializing in all natural food ingredients for meat, poultry, and seafood, came to Saturn Lounge looking to revamp sales and marketing assets across the board- including a brand new website. The creative team at Saturn Lounge worked first to develop updated brand guidelines to lead the way through our integrated marketing campaign.

With the brand guidelines as our compass, we had a number of different channels that needed beautiful, new content. Our photography team got to work shooting a ton of beautiful new imagery to be used across all channels.

Along with beautiful static imagery, our video team set out to create a number of videos for use on the website as well as other marketing efforts. In addition to a brand overview video, we also created multiple product focused videos that were quick and easy to digest. These videos were used on key landing pages in the new website.

Once we had a new set of video and photo content, we turned to refreshing the website. Creating a visually stunning, easy to navigate website was a key element in our campaign as it served as the focal point of marketing efforts. Utilizing our video content every step of the way, we created a website designed to educate users and lead them through the sales funnel.

Now that we had a highly functioning website in place, we updated and created sales and marketing materials for use across a number of different channels. From email and print to paid digital placements, Wenda Ingredients has a consistent look driving users to their website and into the conversion.