Using the Drone for Cinematic Video Footage

Drone video filming not just for high altitude point of views. The purpose of a drone, is that you get to see things for the first time. Sure, drones go up in the sky and capture beautiful landscapes; some typical scenarios would be sunsets, monumental structures or the skyline of a city. However, a skilled drone operator is also able to film smooth, cinematic shots indoors and or achieve closer range active lifestyle footage.

Going indoors with the drone opens up a lot of possibilities. You get perspective in inside spaces that you usually wouldn’t see.  Vast spaces in museums, theaters, athletic events, anywhere where you can get inside. You don’t need a lot, perhaps a lobby area that has a high expanse, or you could maneuver down a hallway.

There are other opportunities to use drone filming in a different ways. Check out the above video for Seaquist Orchards. Pay close attention to the video footage Zak Gruber and Ian Farnham captured. They maneuvered the drone to achieve a closer point of view, and the varying perspectives made the overall video much more interesting. Can you spot the shots?

When considering your next video project, think about our talented and experienced drone operators ability to make your video filming stand out above the rest.