Saturn Lounge Joins IBAW

Saturn Lounge recently joined the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBAW) at the Corporate Sponsorship level. For those unfamiliar with the organization, the IBAW is the leading advocacy group for small, independent businesses in the state. It was founded in 1973, and is a venue for high-level business professionals and entrepreneurs to network, exchange ideas and become educated on issues that are affecting business operations.

Jim Kohlhardt, Saturn Lounge co-owner, said there were many things that drew him to joining the group including monthly meetings with top-shelf speakers and access to state political representatives – something that leads to a voice in legislation affecting small businesses. “Saturn has grown quite a bit in the last few years, and I realized that the IBAW was a great place to learn how other small businesses are dealing with some of the issues Saturn faces as it grows,” he said. “Also being up to date on laws that could affect us and having a say in formulating those laws is extremely important.”

Jim admits that he doesn’t make every meeting or event the IBAW hosts, but said he attends whenever possible. “I’m a social guy, and I love meeting new people and learning about what they do,” he said. “While membership in IBAW has many perks, I think the opportunity to network is my favorite.”

For more information on the IBAW visit their site.