Saturn Lounge has had the privilege of working with Werner on very unique videos shot on location. So when Werner approached Saturn about doing a second nationally televised commercial to air during NCAA March Madness, Eric Olson, Saturn Creative Director, already had a plan cooking.

“I loved what we did for Werner in the past, but for this year’s commercial, I really wanted to go big,” Eric said. “And by that I meant putting together a script that featured as much product as we could, shooting at an amazing location, using a full cast, getting some really aggressive shots in, and I wanted to showcase a lot of natural sound that users of Werner products would identify with.”

To turn this vision into a concrete script, Margaret Snyder, Saturn’s Senior Copywriter, got to work on the storyline. She decided the script just wouldn’t be right without incorporating some of the lingo used during March Madness. Fortunately, those phrases paired really well with activities done with ladders, and even more fortunately, the Werner team was all-in with the idea.

Once the script was finalized, it was time to get moving on all of the production details. And in this case, there were many. Finding the right location was key. What was needed was a stadium with the right color scheme and one that made it easy to display Werner branding. The Wintrust Arena in Chicago fit the bill on all counts, and was subsequently booked.

After securing the stadium, it was time to cast the actors and ensure the Saturn staff, which included production, videography, lighting and audio were briefed on the needs for the shoot. After that, an aggressive shot list was made, and early in January, the Saturn team headed to the Windy City to capture the footage all in one day.

Luck was on Saturn’s side as the morning turned out to be clear and sunny. This filled the stadium’s atrium with natural light, something Eric was quick to take advantage of. “It’s always funny when the first thing you do is rearrange the shot list, but when I saw that light, it’s what I had to do,” Eric said. He complimented the Saturn team for their flexibility and their ability to move from shot to shot. “What we got done in one day was remarkable,” he said. And he wasn’t kidding. Saturn producer Shelly Nordquist logged 15 miles in steps just moving throughout the stadium.

After the shoot, it took very little time to put the final video together. And the end result, well, let’s just say, the whole team is incredibly proud of our efforts. On that note, we’d like to encourage you to keep Saturn in mind for all of your video needs. If you want to go big, we’ve got the crew that can handle it.

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