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Building A Brand From the Ground Up

As visual storytellers we love helping a business build their brand’s story from the ground up.

REPS Fitness & Nutrition Center is a new gym designed around giving each of their members a premium experience and is located in downtown Chicago. Combining our love of the fitness agency with our full service capabilities, we were stoked to get started.

We started with creating a branding color palette, style guidelines, and other design elements. From there we incorporated this style into elevating their interior décor.

Your interior décor is a great opportunity to shape your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your visitors, especially if your business draws a lot of foot traffic. As we designed the gym’s interior, we incorporated large graphic design elements throughout to further drive their brand messaging. This included large photo elements, custom illustrations like the floating red panda holding Namaste in a bamboo forest, and a local map accompanying their mission statement in the main lobby.

Even if customers aren’t visiting your business on a daily basis, aligning your corporate décor with your brand is a great way to enhance your internal branding. Productivity and employee satisfaction is affected largely by environment.

With the gym’s interior décor fully branded, we took that style and translated it into their external marketing assets. From a fresh new website to brand consistent social media content, REPS is ready to make a big impact on existing and potential customers.

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    Commercial Photography by Saturn Lounge

  • Show Reel - Fitness Advertising Capabilities

  • Corporate Interior Design

    Environmental Graphics by Saturn Lounge

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