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The case for a targeted micromarketing email campaign

What’s a quick and cost-effective way to reach a small, specific, and well-defined segment of the population with your marketing efforts? This was the question NeoSoft, an acclaimed developer of cardiac MRI software, proposed to Saturn Lounge.

NeoSoft had recently achieved great success with their key product, suiteHEART®, in that it was being offered to cardiologists through big names in MRI like GE Healthcare and Siemens. While this opened the door for increased sales and exposure, NeoSoft realized that they couldn’t rely on the big companies to drive the bulk of their sales. After all, suiteHEART® was just one MRI application in a sea of other specialized digital tools the big companies were offering to MRI users. To build customer loyalty and to get in front of a broader group of users, NeoSoft saw the need to talk directly to cardiac MRI specialists, but they were looking for direction on where to start. They had a comprehensive web site, countless testimonials from doctors who had used their product and a well-thought out value proposition and marketing pillars. But even with solid tools, web traffic was slow, as was the sign-up for software demos.

This was about the time NeoSoft decided to meet with Saturn Lounge. Saturn reviewed NeoSoft’s materials, did a deep-dive on the target audience and the product and came up with a strategy. Due to the niche nature of suiteHEART® and its target audience, Saturn recommended very specific and well-directed email marketing (micromarketing) that would take the audience to a re-designed home page. Saturn felt the home page re-design was essential because although the material on the existing NeoSoft homepage was comprehensive and compelling, it pushed users to other pages too quickly, which led to higher than desired bounce rates. Saturn learned that cardiologists must use their time efficiently, so Saturn recognized the importance of creating a home page that explicitly laid out the benefits of suiteHEART®, highlighted key testimonials, and made the option to sign up for a demo clear and easy to find.

With the home page streamlined, Saturn started in on the email campaigns. These were directed at a list comprised of NeoSoft’s tradeshow leads and others who had expressed interest in the product. Individual emails were brief and full of bulleted information, and opportunities to attend a seminar, demo the software or learn more were clear and clickable.

The campaigns were a huge success. Response rates were high, and NeoSoft received more requests for software demos than ever before. One email campaign had an overall open rate of 33.1%, proving the effectiveness of the content. This email campaign not only improved their brand awareness across their target audience but also created a pool of new qualified leads for NeoSoft to run with.

When asked about the email campaigns, NeoSoft President Brian Rice stated, “Working with Saturn Lounge has been ideal for us because they understand our business. Their recommendations are targeted and focused so that we use our budget wisely. In fact, we gained 35 new customer contacts from our revamped homepage and email campaigns, and in this business that’s a lot.”

By providing thoughtful and customized marketing solutions, Saturn Lounge was able to provide notable, tangible results for NeoSoft that will be used to further shape brand-building and the efforts to increase sales.

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