Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra


Effectively using video in email and social media platforms to boost community support

German writer, Jean Paul Friedrich Richter once said, “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” During the dark time of the global pandemic when public performances were suspended, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) offered a bright spot for many by making shows available virtually. Thus, when the MSO came to Saturn Lounge for help in creating three distinct outreach videos targeted at new listeners, subscription members, and virtual subscribers respectively, Saturn was ecstatic. As creatives themselves, Saturn was thrilled at the opportunity to help support another Milwaukee creative group with their marketing efforts during a period of uncertainty. “Organizations like the MSO flourish when they are front and center in the minds of their loyal followers,” said Eric Olson, Saturn Lounge Creative Director. “Most people weren’t thinking about supporting the arts during the shutdown, so we were pumped to help the MSO create exciting content that would help make them top-of-mind again.”

When the MSO approached Saturn about the outreach videos, they had recently completed the stunning Bradley Symphony Center, a nearly four year-long restoration, renovation and new construction project. The MSO felt it was important to show the public their beautiful new space through a virtual tour because for many, seeing it in-person was not an option. (This was because after re-opening for live-performances in mid March, audience size was limited.) In addition to exhibiting the striking Bradley Symphony Center, the videos were created to help raise donations and listener subscriptions and get people back to watching the orchestra. Erin Kogler, MSO Director of Communications, noted that ultimately, she wanted the videos to “build great anticipation and bring life and motion through something unique and creative”.

To achieve Kogler’s goal, Saturn created what turned out to be an “irresistible” three-part video series. Running from May-June of 2021 on MSO’s social media platforms, Vimeo channel and also used in email marketing efforts, the videos garnered 23,262 total views and prompted a record amount of donations. Other impressive metrics include an astounding 23.54% open rate on the email campaign and an impressive global reach. Over the three broadcasts, patrons tuned in from Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong, in addition to the United States.

When speaking about the experience working with Saturn Lounge, Kogler commented, “I was impressed, as always, by the team’s creativity.” Capturing the full magnitude of the new and improved Bradley Symphony Center in a series of short video clips was no small feat, but according to Kogler, “Saturn’s collaborative spirit helped us come up with the best end product – the videos were even better than we imagined.”

You can watch one of the videos in the series here.



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