Empire Cross Laser Level

Empire Level

Empire Level, a manufacturer of innovative solutions for the construction trades, had an interesting challenge. The company was introducing two new self-leveling lasers, a self-leveling cross line laser and a self-leveling 3-Point laser that had more range and more run-time than other lasers on the market. Empire approached Saturn Lounge about the best way to introduce the products to the market with two goals: 1. Showcase the practical application of each product in the workplace; and 2. Highlight the products’ key features such as long range, long runtime, locking pendulum, rubber casing, rare earth magnets, and more.

Eric Olson, Saturn Creative Director, felt strongly about using video to best demonstrate the use of the products in the field. And he emphasized that he wanted to capture workers using the product on site. “I didn’t want to see a talking head looking at the camera and then at the product,” he said. “I wanted to capture the ease-of-use by seeing real guys on the job being extremely productive. After all, these tools help you work faster and smarter.”

Olson went on to explain that while video was great for showing the practical application, it wasn’t what was ideal for the product features. “This was a case when shooting the product in 3-D would really pay off,” he says. Olson explains that the ergonomic aspect of the levels were so appealing that 3-D would allow users to basically sense what the levels would feel like in their hands, a key selling-point for those in the construction industry. In addition, 3-D also allows the viewer to see the product from every angle. This provided an opportunity to create an interactive demo of the product where the viewer clicks on a feature and gets a zoomed in view of what that feature looks like up close and what it does. “It’s basically a guided tour of the product without ever having to go into a store,” Olson says.

Using both video and the 3-D imagery on the website proved to be a win for Empire. When visitors arrive on the self-leveling laser page, they are immediately engaged, and as they scroll down to learn more, additional eye-catching content continues to pop up.

To view the videos and see the product demos, click here.

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