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It has been said that the majority of people tend to look at pictures first, and text second. Aren’t our social media posts always more impactful when they are posted alongside an uploaded photo? A ‘”Happy Caturday” greeting on your Facebook page just isn’t as alluring on it’s own; as opposed to when it is posted alongside a funny photo of your fluffy white feline, sitting on the couch looking like Jabba the Hut, right? Doesn’t it make sense to make sure you and your marketing efforts have a strong visual brand?

At Saturn Lounge, not only can we handle your custom photography and video needs, we may also set your brand apart with custom, hand drawn illustrations. This is just what Saturn Lounge did for client Arch Electric, as seen here in the above illustrated animation video, How Solar Power Works. Arch Electric is Wisconsin’s leader in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy and Storage. Their company offers solutions that range from simple grid-tied configurations with solar energy storage to off-grid systems. The illustrations in the video were hand drawn by Saturn Lounge Graphic Designer Malory Larson. Custom illustrations may help a client’s visual identity stand out in a way that’s unique to them. For the Arch Electric illustrations; the clean, minimalist infographics were deliberately created to represent their professional company and tech business. They also help tell a complete story. Since a key value for Arch Electric is educating communities, municipalities & leaders about renewable energy, using the custom graphics and creating a storyboard to educate viewers, was an effective way to go.

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    Illustration and Animation by Saturn LoungeIllustration and Animation by Saturn LoungeIllustration and Animation by Saturn LoungeIllustration and Animation by Saturn Lounge

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    Illustration and Animation by Saturn Lounge

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    Arch Electric Brand Guide Design by Saturn Lounge Brand Guide Design by Saturn Lounge

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