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When the American Heart Association (AHA) approached Saturn Lounge with the desire to create a video that elevated awareness on the AHA’s scope of work in the community and encouraged viewers to help shape policies that would expand accessibility to healthy food, there were many thoughts about the way the video could take shape. For example, testimonials were considered as a method of telling the story because they are incredibly relatable

But as Eric Olson, Saturn Creative Director, learned more about the information the group wanted to convey in the video, he started to consider a different approach. “When I learned that we wanted to include facts and figures in the video, I started favoring an approach that used animation,” Eric said. “When you can animate numbers and facts, you are showing rather than telling,” he said. “Studies show that if you can animate information, your message has a much better chance of landing.”

Fortunately, the American Heart Association was very open to using animation because in addition to making facts and figures more approachable, illustrating the video made its message more digestible. The point of the video was not only to show viewers how factors like your socioeconomic status, education, and physical environment can impact your health, but also to inspire them to join the AHA, to work alongside them as they push to shape and change public policies and systems that support health for everyone.

To execute the video, Saturn illustrated colorful, upbeat images that told the story of one Milwaukee woman, Tanya, and depicted how social determinants of health have impacted her life. We also created a fun font to help bring the story life. The result was an entertaining video that told a story and missionized the work of the American Heart Association.

So how successful was the project? According to Stacy Amstadt, Communications Director for the American Heart Association, the video has been very well received. “We were thrilled with the final video; it was everything that we had envisioned and more! This video has helped us to tell the story of the work that we do, in a new and compelling way, and it has brought our mission to life!”

  • Video Production

  • John’s Story

    Storytelling with a Purpose

    When the American Heart Association (AHA) reached out to us about creating a video of an incredible story they wanted to share, a true partnership was formed. The AHA brought us John’s story, and we brought our ideas, and this winning combination led to the creation of a video that tells a compelling, informative, and purposeful story. Through this video, the American Heart Association was able to capture the attention of viewers to share many of their important messages such as how CPR training and onsite defibrillators are literally lifesaving tools, and that a healthy diet is vitally important to heart health.

    Our goal was to weave this story together in an impactful way, allowing for the message of the American Heart Association to be heard loud and clear.
    We were honored to collaborate with their incredible team on such an important project as true partners and storytellers.

    “The video turned out amazing; thank you for helping bring John’s story to life! We are so, so appreciative!” – Sarah A., American Heart Association

  • Survivor Video

    In 2009, Judy, Jen and Katie lost their husband & father to a heart attack. And since then, they have been hosting the Kenny Fare Memorial Golf Outing, in his honor. Over that time, they have raised more than $100,000 in support of the Greater Milwaukee Heart & Stroke Walk/5K Run. They walk to help raise awareness & lifesaving funds, so that no family has to endure the loss that they have. ❤️Saturn Lounge was proud to document this heartfelt story in an effort to spread awareness about the warning signs of heart disease.



    Heart disease can affect any age; Saturn Lounge documents just that in the following video of a Mother/Son duo that have defeated the odds. Adia as well as her younger son, Aidan, who is now one year old, had serious heart conditions that required numerous surgeries; however, both are now healthy, active and walk the Milwaukee Heart Walk every year for the cause.

  • Illustrations

    American Heart Association Animation and Illustration by Saturn Lounge

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