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Andis Company is a leading manufacturer of hair cutting, styling and grooming products, specializing in clippers and trimmers. Saturn Lounge creates ad imagery, product photography, trade show graphics, marketing videos and tutorial videos for Andis.

Saturn Lounge’s first Andis assignment was to shoot enhanced product photographs as new products were introduced. Our approach was to create small studio set environments for each photo, featuring the item, some accessories, and related application elements. Saturn Lounge has shot dozens of these photos since that time. Dramatic lighting and compelling angles are attributes of each image.

Saturn Lounge Creative Director Eric Olson then approached Andis with his idea for Andis’ stylist portraits. Eric wanted to capture the unique personality of each stylist, encouraging dramatic poses and emotional expressions on set. Eric’s lighting and post-production approach make this series of images stand out.

Saturn has gone on to produce a number of products and educational videos for Andis. Whenever filmed on location or in the studio, each video is produced with a focus on cohesive storytelling and engaging visuals.

  • Product Photography

    Product Photography by Saturn Lounge

  • Product Tutorial Video

  • Stylist Portrait Photography

  • Large Trade Show Graphics

  • Location Photography

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