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Website Design & Development / Photography / Print Materials / Trade Show Materials

Percepta®, the name and brand of a plant-based memory-enhancing supplement was in need of a full campaign to launch them into the competitive natural medicine market.

With basic packaging and a website to start, they knew they needed to invigorate their brand. And our team went to work. Striking photography, packaging, robust print, multiple videos, and a full website were designed to incorporate the beauty, simplicity, and power of nature.

percepta® - Natural plant-based memory support

Setting the scene.

As a product that naturally originates deep in the rainforest of Peru, it was important to add a sense of grandeur to everything we did. Our inspiration stood right in front of us, tall and majestic. Wide, sweeping photography down to granular shots focused on individual plant life were used throughout all designs, making nature the headline – the main story. Paired with striking lifestyle photography of real people in real life created the perfect marriage of Percepta’s message: bringing nature’s benefits to wherever you are.

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Percepta® created their breakthrough product. it was Now our turn to tell the world about it.

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Packaging design using greenery and untouched nature spoke more clearly about the product than any brochure could – though we made those too, to give consumers a background on the science. Collateral designed for specific audiences was important to target the right consumers with the right product: athletes, professionals, and those in the pursuit of wellness. Creating dedicated web pages and brochures allowed for audience flexibility in targeting consumers appropriately.

After packaging, materials, and a revamped website, the final touch was creating a captivating trade show display and banners that caused people to stop, take in the beauty, and satisfy their curiosity while displaying the benefits of Percepta using video and collateral. As is our specialty, every aspect was done inhouse to create a streamlined workflow, greater creative collaboration, and a project that was completed seamlessly.

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