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Cardiovascular Disease

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On a mission to build better and stronger communities, the American Heart Association (AHA) reached out to Saturn Lounge to produce a video for them containing important, even lifesaving, information that would be shared with the community. With a message as vital as theirs, AHA knew their video had to be impactful, easy to digest, and relatable for every person watching.

At the American Heart Association, we believe everyone has the right to longer, healthier lives, and that your accessibility to healthy options should not be based on where you live.

We suggested an animated video to convey the message, to be created by our skilled graphic design team. This format allowed for the use of bright colors, eye-catching graphics, and the ability to tell the story using a variety of characters, settings, symbols, and text. This video was sharing important information, and conveying it properly was our first priority.

Meet Tanya

The purpose of the video was not only to show viewers how factors like your socioeconomic status, education, and physical environment can impact your health, but also to inspire them to join the AHA, to work alongside them as they push to shape and change public policies and systems that support health for everyone.

“When you can animate numbers and facts, you are showing rather than telling, and studies show animating information gives it a much better chance of landing.”

So how successful was the project? According to Stacy Amstadt, Communications Director for the American Heart Association, the video has been very well received – something we love to hear.

“This video has helped us to tell the story of the work that we do, in a new and compelling way, and it has brought our mission to life!”

In addition to creating a video that told of AHA’s mission and bring light to the ever-important topic of community health, we were also able to capture several real-life stories of people in the Milwaukee area who have benefitted from the knowledge, resources, and compassion the AHA supplies. We love being able to tell the world these important stories and are proud of our healthy partnership.

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