Bay View Collage

When Eric Olson isn’t frequenting his favorite spots in his native Chicago neighborhood, chances are you may find him mulling around historical Bay View, WI. It’s not just the live music and corner clubs that intrigue Eric. The historic architecture drew Eric’s attention from the moment he first visited the city, with it’s port like feel and historic charm that runs rampart throughout. It wasn’t long until Eric had spotted his favorite buildings; shops, pubs, galleries and more. He decided to take his favorite parts of Bay View, and photograph them independently of one another. He began documenting the neighborhood with his wide angle lens – wanting to give some of that interesting architecture a little bit of a distorted perspective.  Eric explains that the these chosen “beauties of Bay View” encapsulate a lot of the lakefront industry and port feel that he is drawn to. Once he had photographed each of these elements, the task was then to lay them out into one complete landscape, like the pieces of a puzzle, putting them together in varying layouts until he found one that felt right. Clearly the final landscape doesn’t exist, but each puzzle piece and favorite bit of architecture from the city of Bay View is thoughtfully composited into one strong image.