Tips From a Copywriter

Does the idea of filling a blank document with words scare you? It doesn’t have to! Try a few of these writing tips – our team vouches for them.

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Does the idea of opening a blank document on your computer with the intention of filling it create dread and anxiety? If you’re honest with yourself and answered yes, the good news is you are not alone, because honestly, we’ve all been there. Though most people can write well enough to convey their thoughts, it’s a whole different game to craft a message. Writing is another art form. Just like in painting, anyone can pick up a brush and create a picture with varying degrees of success, but it takes someone who has studied, practiced, and immersed themselves in the form to create a true masterpiece. And that’s what our team has done.

Feeling intimidated? We hope not! But if you are, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you stare at the blinking cursor:

The written word is a powerful tool in conveying your message – use it as such.

In today’s increasingly visual world, the importance of strong copy can be lost. We’re here to help you find it again. Words carry weight and have the ability to persuade or dissuade readers to or from your product, service, or brand. That’s why it’s important to put time and thought into what you’re trying to get across. Ideas that are articulated well will have the strongest impact. Take it from us, copy needs to be given your full attention, because it’s the heartbeat of your messaging and ultimately your business.

Don’t edit yourself too much at the start.

Is that blank page just staring back at you and you’re not sure where to start? One way to get thoughts and ideas flowing is to just start writing anything. Like, anything. Maybe where your business’s name came from, or why you used those colors in your logo. As you begin thinking through some of these simple ideas, you’ll get in the marketing mindset and more ideas will come. Here’s the best part: we often believe that our first draft needs to be our perfect one but guess what – it doesn’t! Thinking that way will apply pressure that will only hinder you as you start typing. Let the words flow freely and openly. You might be surprised at what ideas spark from just letting your mind run free.

Find your brand’s unique tone and voice and stick to it.

If you haven’t established brand guidelines for your business (something we’re great at over here) then this is when you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and decide how you want the world to see and hear you. If you aren’t sure what makes tone and voice different when it comes to messaging, just remember this: voice is what you say, and tone is how you say it. It’s crucial to maintain your tone and voice throughout all aspects of your marketing to create a cohesive brand that is recognizable by audiences. This should be a fun exercise. It’s like giving your brand a personality!

Be clear and direct – every word matters.

The days of reading multi-page websites, articles, or even informational sheets are dwindling. Most viewers don’t have the time or the attention to read as much as you’d like to write. That’s why clarity and directness are two of the most important pillars of marketing writing. When you’re fighting for the attention of your audience, every word matters. Viewers want to know what they’re reading about without wasting much time getting into the subject at hand. Avoid using filler words that only muddy your message, because you want to leave readers with answers, not more questions.

Be engaging.

Just like how most people don’t like to read long, drawn out content, they do like to read things that are engaging and worth their time. That means clever headlines, fun or funny messaging, and copy that moves with pace. Copy with good flow pushes readers along and pulls them into the next sentence to move them through the copy. You want your audience to enjoy what they’re reading – then they’ll keep coming back! It can be hard to be creative on the spot, so give it some time and let yourself try and fail a few times before creative lightning strikes. If you’re stuck on the perfect headline, start by writing your main content and wait for one to pop into your head. Writing the body copy before the headline can help give you context as you write. Don’t worry, the writing doesn’t have to be strictly linear. It’s art, after all!

Grammar is your friend.

We would be remiss to not mention this one. Readers these days are smart. They take in a lot of content every day, and usually writing only stands out if it’s poor. Your goal should be to make reading your content an easy experience, free from hiccups. Proper sentence structure and punctuation are surefire ways to establish your knowledge and credibility to the reader. Whether we admit it or not, grammar mistakes can turn off readers from trusting your brand as a source of truth. Win your audience over with proper grammar – it’s worth the effort.

Proofreading can save you.

It can be tempting to finish up that last sentence and celebrate being done writing. It’s worth congratulating yourself! But there is one final step in the process that’s just as important. Just like poor grammar, misspellings or incorrect word usage can cause damage among consumers, so this step is crucial. We know it can be hard to be the writer, editor, and proofreader of the same content, so try having a friend or colleague proof your content as an impartial viewer. Because everything they’re reading is new to them, they have a much higher likelihood to catch any mistakes. If you don’t have the time or have that option, take a break and do something else before coming back to the content. Fresh eyes can see a lot more clearly and you’ll thank yourself for taking the extra step – your cred may depend on it.

We’re passionate about the written word at Saturn Lounge. We know the power it has to drive a business and elevate content of all kinds – we see it every day. As you get more comfortable with creating content with these tips in mind, the blank page doesn’t have to look so scary.

Don’t have the time to devote to research, writing, editing, and proofreading? We do! Our writers love all this stuff and are immersed in the process every single day. These are just a few of the principles our writers employ, so take it from us that they do work.