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No one knows quartz and natural stone like Wisconsin Granite. And no one knows websites like Saturn Lounge. After purchasing Wisconsin Granite in 2020, the owners also inherited a website that was…not quite up to their new standards. As a premier granite provider in southeast Wisconsin, it was important that their website matched their new vision for the company. Sophistication, clarity, quality, and precision. All words used to describe what they were looking for.

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From day one, collaboration was the name of the game. Wisconsin Granite knew exactly who they were, and how they wanted the world to see them. It was our job to make it happen. From functionality, content clarity, load speed, and even photography quality, everything needed an overhaul. That’s why we started from scratch. From the beginning, Wisconsin Granite was engaged in every step of our robust process, something we enjoyed (and still do!) about our partnership. A full website build takes a large team, and Wisconsin Granite was happy to join us.

With such an engaged client, we were able to edit, make suggestions, listen to feedback, and create change quickly and efficiently throughout the build of the website and paid media. The size and complexity of the site pushed our team to develop new and innovative solutions to give Wisconsin Granite exactly what they needed: a website that spoke to their expansive product offerings, detailed customer journey, and impressive library of informative resources. And a great website means great advertising to point consumers to.

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The goal of this project was to create a more substantial online presence for Wisconsin Granite that would reflect and project the knowledge, passion, and care they have for creating beautiful spaces their customers enjoy.

With the launch of their website, there have been increased contact form fills and new customer inquiries, a new and improved sales tool to enhance the experience for interested clients, and a clear and concise way to convey the Wisconsin Granite experience. With the addition of paid Facebook advertising, also done in collaboration, we’ve been able to drive traffic to highly unique pages that provide answers and proof of quality that customers are looking for when deciding Wisconsin Granite is their best and only granite choice.

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