Minty fresh marketing.


Website Design & Development / 3D Animation / Paid Media / Brand Identity / Photography / Print Materials

Mintek had a vision and asked us to help tell the world their story. A story of pesky pests, and how owners of RVs, boats, muscle cars, and anything with wires that rodents like as snacks could use Mintek to change the game.

Mintek™ product photography

Wired for success.

With a new product, everything from the logo and color palette to the brand tone and voice was needed. This is the stuff we love because it involves our entire team. We created numerous variations of the logo and eventually landed on what you see today – something we love as much as the client does.

mintek™ brand identity with logo design and color swatches

As Mintek perfected their product, we perfected the branding. Next was building a website from the ground up to not only look great and provide information about the product, but also house the ability to purchase the product directly. This required some ingenuity on the part of everyone on our team to create a good looking and functional ecommerce feature. To round out the website, product photography in our studio showcased the various products and their use, while an animated video was created to show how well the product works – the pesky pests featured will give you their reviews of the product!

A refreshing perspective.

Paid media, brochures, product labels, and email campaigns were just some of the other pieces of the puzzle we created to tell the full Mintek story. On top of building the brand, we worked with Mintek to step into the market with minty fresh success. With an engaged client and enthusiastic team ready to ignite the Mintek brand, an arsenal of marketing materials stood ready to launch. Working together allowed for fast decision making and satisfaction on both sides.

mintek™ tri-fold brochure print design

A wide variety of marketing materials and unique ways to tell consumers about the products meant that we could gain interested audiences through many different forms of advertising.

these unique solutions set us apart and keep our clients fresh.

Mintek has invested in the success of their product and brand, and it has been awesome to take the brand from square one to where they are today. We enjoy a continued partnership, and some of us have even used the products ourselves! For a fresh way to deter rodents, trust Mintek. And for fresh, innovate, and unique marketing solutions to fit even the most niche brands, Saturn Lounge is your next great strategic partner.

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mintek™ product used in backseat of vehicle
mintek™ product next to car tire
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