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Photography / Videography / Illustration / Print Design / Website Design & Development

When Lifetime Piers reached out to us to brush up their website and refresh their photography and videography assets, we had to figure out how to bring the pier business to life. To invigorate the product with the life, ease, and functionality a quality pier provides to those who use it.

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A lifetime in one brand.

We jumped at the chance to head out to the lake with our crew. Captivating assets filled the pages with light, water, and beauty. They trusted our expertise and let us run with the project, giving us creative freedom to produce brochures, video, mailings, and a top-notch site that was designed with purpose to reflect the business of piers.

An important part of redefining a brand is establishing brand guidelines unique to Lifetime. Used across all forms of marketing, we incorporated them in everything we did to create a seamless identity for customers.

Lifetime Piers logo

Pier into the process.

Custom illustration gave the materials further visual depth and interest as they were mixed in with drone footage, installation shots, and lifestyle photography to show every aspect of the piers and how the process works. It was fun to reimagine how the world sees the Lifetime brand and what they offer their clients.

Our team worked hard, enjoyed the sun, and ultimately produced materials and a reinvigoration of the brand the Lifetime team loved.

We created a targeted mailing list for a very specific audience that would be in need of the durable, quality all-season piers.

After sending out brochures, Lifetime was so flooded with orders that we had to pause any further marketing efforts so they could fill them all.

Maintenance-free, stress-free, and worry-free.

All the ways Lifetime wants customers to enjoy life on the water, and we set out to capture exactly that. With some thorough and resourceful talent scouting, our extensive photography and videography shooting was underway. Sure, we could take nice photos of these beautiful piers. But the pier wasn’t what our approach was about. It was what the pier brought to life. All the different ways these piers brought joy, laughter, relaxation, and ease to the people, and sometimes animals, that use them.

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