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Corporate and Commercial Video Specialists

Saturn Lounge specializes in working for marketers and corporations who care about the brands they nurture and that appreciate the creativity and passion we demonstrate on every project. Whether for the web, a corporate project, or TV commercial, we will help you make a lasting impression.

Full Service Production Studio

Our 15,000 square foot studio includes a full kitchen, natural light, and 4 shooting bays. We compose stunning video, produce voice over recording, develop animation, and create custom music production. Our videographers utilize a wide variety of cameras depending on the nature of the shoot. From our drone for aerial photography to our 4K cameras and recorders we can handle any assignment. Simple one-camera product demos or highly produced four-camera productions can be handled in-studio or on location anywhere around the world.

Our multimedia work has allowed us to work on some truly amazing projects with some of the worlds most recognized brands such as Xfinity’s Red Couch and Florsheim Shoes; you can see more examples on our Blog.

Media Specialists

All the video work is under the direction of our Creative Director, Eric Olson, who has decades of experience working at the highest level on national brands. Eric has the ability to tell our client’s stories in compelling and innovative ways, and that is one of the ways we differentiate Saturn Lounge.

Our team includes photo assistants, three on-staff producers and in-house video editing and music production specialists. With turnkey video production we can provide everything from ideation to story-boarding, script writing, and model selection. We can also provide final editing, 3D video animations, closed captioning and mastering to tape when required.

 Everyone loves a good story; we want to help you tell yours.

3D Video Production


 3-D Modeling/Computer-Generated Imagery

Saturn’s 3D modeling and computer-generated imagery artists create photo realistic images for any marketing need. Our team of artists can start with an engineering drawing, product specifications or basic prototype and finish with a beautiful new images ready for print, video and web distribution.

Pre-Roll Video Production

A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before user-selected content on websites like YouTube and Vimeo. The video advertisements are often re-purposed television ads, sometimes shortened to 10 or 15 seconds. Saturn Lounge pre-roll video services provide the perfect environment to connect with your audience through a creative and innovative method. Online video advertising is a cost-effective way to reach your customers through sight, sound and motion — boosting your overall messaging to our wide array of audiences, in varying markets. In fact, online video advertising has become the fastest growing and one of the most effective ways to advertise online. With our state-of-the-art video and editing capabilities, Saturn Lounge and it’s creative team can turn your video advertisement into a high-quality production. Tap into this growth with pre roll video advertising at Saturn Lounge.

Aerial & Drone Video

Saturn Lounge offers FAA approved aerial videography and photography services in order to help you grow your business. Our featured drone is the INSPIRE 1 PRO /RAW capable of shooting 4k raw video and high resolution stills. The INSPIRE 1 PRO / RAW is ready to take your work to new heights. DJI-Inspire-1-PRO

Saturn Lounge aerial video production services provides a complete all-encompassing view of an area that is just not possible from the ground. It allows you to see land that is unreachable by foot and adds an impactful higher point of view to your branded videos and marketing collateral.

Other viable uses for Saturn Lounge aerial photography and video services may apply to real estate, municipal parks and recreation departments, golf courses, and occurrences like sporting events, music festivals, weddings, and more! Contact Saturn Lounge today to find out how we can give your brand a higher point of view.