Saturn’s New Page from the Paid Search Playbook

One could say that Ben Page, Saturn Lounge’s new Digital Marketing Director, is on a roll. In just 9 years, he’s gone from being a full-time student with an interest in SEO to a digital marketing expert with a knack for helping companies get the most out of their digital marketing dollars. With a track record that boasts numerous wins for both agencies and private businesses, Page has made a name for himself as a leader in Performance Marketing, which entails precisely targeting and capturing the attention of decision makers with messaging and visuals engineered for high response rates.

“It’s really been remarkable,” Ben says. “Digital Marketing has only been around for about twenty years, and because of that it reminds me of the Wild West. It’s constantly changing, and by being involved in it as long as I have, I’ve been able to learn things from the ground up.” When it comes to digital marketing, Ben has pretty much done it all. He began publishing blogs for a company while he was pursuing a degree and began tinkering with SEO. He says he found it incredibly rewarding to learn how to get a web site to show up organically. From there, Ben began setting up automotive parts and accessories e-commerce sites and went through Google training on his own to become certified in search, display, mobile, shopping, analytics and YouTube. With the knowledge he gained, he began to help win and manage PPC accounts, eventually working on over 30 clients in various industries from healthcare to real estate to tourism.

Working for agencies that specialized in digital marketing was a natural move for Ben after he left Launch Digital Marketing. In 2016, he became Director of PPC at a boutique SEM agency, and has continued to grow his career by seizing unique opportunities and successfully growing accounts. In early 2020, he began talking to Nathan Gerred, Saturn Lounge Marketing Director and Ben’s former colleague, about Saturn’s client approach and desire to expand upon their PPC capabilities. When he learned that Saturn was prioritizing digital marketing growth and had the capability to create customized creative in-house, he was very intrigued. Ben then joined Saturn in late spring to help businesses smash through barriers and achieve success with paid media like PPC, paid social, shopping, display, and YouTube.

His advice for businesses looking to use paid search is very straightforward. “Try to find out what the value of a customer is to you,” he says. “If you know that, you can determine the right amount to spend to land new ones.”

Ben and his wife, Jess, live in Menomonee Falls with daughter Amelia who is just 10 months old. When asked what he loves most about his job, Page responds, “I love growing a company. The best part is when adding accounts leads to actual job creation.”