Meet Taran Gaertig

It’s not hard to see why Taran Gaertig landed a position as a co-producer at Saturn Lounge. Sitting on a couch with her hair and make-up done to perfection and clothing right out of an influencer’s post, one can tell she has an impeccable eye for detail. This attention to small things is further revealed as she talks about her childhood spent partially in Honolulu. “I was on a hula dancing team that performed in the Christmas parade,” she says. “We had to make our own leis, and I always used gardenias because of the smell.” As Taran talks she inhales deeply, recalling the scent. And as she goes on to describe the parade, it becomes easy to picture her smiling and waving as she danced. For the record, Taran is an exceptionally good storyteller.

Although she hasn’t been at Saturn Lounge long, (she joined in Summer 2019) Taran says she spent the last seventeen years of her life preparing to be a co-producer. Along with studying marketing and retail management, she managed a family household as a nanny. Anyone who has managed kids knows that Taran is spot on. Planning activities and making sure everyone has the right equipment, food and clothing for the days’ adventures is indeed very similar to prepping for a shoot. And this is where she excels at Saturn. On any given day, you’ll find Taran making shot lists, shopping for props and wardrobe, scouting talent, ordering food for the crew, packing up equipment and doing whatever she can to ensure a session goes off without a hitch. And when glitches occur, as they often do, Taran has the ability to think on her feet and deal with it. It’s something that comes naturally for Taran, as she’s lived in many places from Nevada to Hawaii to California to here in Wisconsin, where her mother’s family resides. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Taran for a quick Q&A.

Q: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a video shoot?

A: I was recently shooting a Broomball video in Door County, and one of the crew asked if it would be okay if he brought his goat to the shoot. We all thought he was kidding, but about 30 minutes later this 60 lb. goat named Millie appeared on set. Thankfully, she was sweet and well-mannered.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: I’m terrified of spiders. I come by it for two reasons. First, I was allowed to see the movie Arachnophobia at too young of an age, and second, when I was little in California, my sister found a tarantula in the mailbox. Not kidding.

Q: What is you super power?

A: Empathy. I can pick up on other people’s feelings very quickly, and I’m able to tell what they need. It’s very sincere. I genuinely care about people.

Q: Who do you most admire?

A: My mother. She’s a strong and independent woman.

Q: What’s your favorite possession?

A: A diamond ring my mom got me for sweet sixteen.

Q: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

A: A trip to Bora Bora, complete with lodging in an over-the-water bungalow.