Meet Malory Larson

Another Saturn Lounge ePub means another profile on one of our recent hires. We’re thrilled that our company-wide growth allows us to bring in even more talent and broaden our services, all while taking on more and more projects. As we develop as a creative company and expand into competitive space, it’s essential that our team is capable of performing at the highest level to offer our clients a unique perspective and the best creative work in the industry.

Malory Larson is our newest graphic designer and brings extreme talent and personality to our creative team. A natural-born creator, Malory always found herself coloring and doodling in anything she could get her hands on. Throughout elementary school and college she registered for any and all art classes, honing her artistic abilities while discovering her lifelong passion for the creative was something she wanted to do as a career saying, “I just loved the feeling of looking at my art and knowing I did that. It was a feeling I wasn’t willing to give up.” Fast-forward three years after graduating from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI with a BA in graphic design and Malory is quickly establishing herself as one of our best creative minds.

Just over a month in her new role, and Malory has found her niche at Saturn and is a huge asset to our team as she brings a fresh perspective and distinct style to each project. From Photoshop to Illustrator to creating custom illustrations, Malory does it all. But it’s her humility and desire to master her work that makes Malory exceptional at what she does. “I mostly enjoy seeing my growth through my work and how much I still get to learn through my work,” she says. “The endless limitations on what I get to do as a creative is the best part of my job. I’m not just confined to one type of project, one style, one medium. There are so many options for me to create.”

At just 25 years old Malory has the rest of her career ahead of her and we’re thrilled that she’s chosen to share her talents with Saturn Lounge and our clients. The mark of a true creative is a desire to never stop creating, even if they do it as a career. When Malory isn’t hitting it out of the park with her work for our clients, she’s either designing at home in Milwaukee, rooting for her hometown team—the Cubs—or impressing us with her yoga skills. But it’s her day-to-day work at Saturn that gets her the most excited. “I get to work with a group of people who see my potential, trust me to do what I do and give me a creative voice. Honestly, how could you not want to work here?”

Keep an eye out for future projects to get a glimpse of some more of Malory’s work.

Studio Portraits by Robert Ness